Our Services Call us at 972-932-3359

YOU CAN CALL US @ 972-932-3359
Fax 469-287-4345
We tow cars*pickups*trucks*accidents*abandoned vehicles*
We have a F-650 Extend cab rollback tow truck that can seat up to five passengers and tow up to a
                                               one ton four door  pick up and pull a bumper pull trailer at the same time if needed.
For those larger vehicles we have a FLD 120 single axle conventional  tow truck capable of towing box trucks, school buses, over the road tractors and more, and for loaded 18 wheelers we have a 40 ton wrecker.
If you find yourself stuck in the muck on a back road we have the ultimate off road recovery machine a Bombardier Muskeg Tractor, an all-terrain, low ground pressure, tracked vehicle for recoveries in mud, sand, and rough terrain.  This unit eliminates the slow, costly time of winching.  We get right in the muck hookup and drive out saving you money and time.